Koro Field Top Maker
Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration of sports pitches

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Koro Field Top Maker
Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration of sports pitches

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Koro Field Top Maker / FTM
Remove unwanted surface matter such as poa annua, thatch, weeds or the entire surface

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Field Top Maker - Koro
Removes debris directly into a trailer, leaving a level, even surface

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Koro Field Top Maker
Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration of sports pitches

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Koro Field Top Maker
Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration of sports pitches

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Koro Field Top Maker
Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration of sports pitches

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Koro Field Top Maker
Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration of sports pitches

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Koro Field Top Maker
Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration of sports pitches

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Koro Field Top Maker
Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration of sports pitches

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The Koro Story - a brief history

The brainchild of Ko Rodenberg, the Koro Field Topmaker came to market in 1997 as the key machine in a renovation programmedesigned to improve pitch quality and extend playing hours on natural turf soccer pitches.

The acquisition of the manufacturing rightsby Imants in 2009 and the fine-tuning of the “Fraize mowing” renovation practice, has lead to the design of a new range of rotors.Campey Turf Care Systems have been at the fore in developing the Koro by Imants Field Topmaker into a system that can be used on awide range of surfaces for a number of different renovation practices. “Koro-ing” is now an established renovation practice worldwide!

4 different models now available

A model to suit any size tractor 35+hp

Optional Rotors for all models

Universe® Rotor

• Removing organic debris from semisynthetic grass pitches.

• Modern fraize mowing on warmseason grasses.

• Tungsten-tipped blades for increased durability.

Universe® rotor International Publication Number WO2013/027005

Terraplane® Rotor

• Accurate planning of surface down to 50mm deep.

• Unrivalled surface hygiene for a clean, smooth surface.

• Tungsten faced blades for increased durability & reduced down-time.

Terraplane® rotor N2008947

Digging Rotor

• Original digging blade for fraize mowing & surface removal.

• Suitable in lower quality turf areas. • Ideal for stripping prior to re-turfing.

Koro Field Top Maker heavy-duty fraise mowers

Scarifying Rotor

• For conventional scarifying & verticutting. • Available with 2mm or 3mm tungsten tipped blades.

• Includes adjustable brush strips for increased surface hygiene.


MODEL 1200 1500 2000 2500
Working width 1.20m 1.50m 2.00m 2.50m
Overall / transport width 1.60m 1.80m 2.55m 2.95m
Approx weight * 670kg 800kg 1,130kg 1,420kg
Working depth 0 to 50 mm 0 to 50 mm 0 to 50 mm 0 to 50 mm
Elevator discharge height Approx 1.50m Approx 1.50m Approx 2.00m Approx 2.00m
Recommended tractor 35-50hp 45 - 65hp 70 - 90hp 90 - 120hp
Tractor mounting Cat 1,3-pt linkage with optional off-set. Cat 2, 3-pt linkage Creep speed gearbox or hydrostatic drive 540 PTO drive
Tractor requirements 2 x double acting spool valves - 30L/min 2 x double acting spool valves - 40L/min
Operating speed 0 - 2kph Digging, Terraplane® & Universe® Rotors. 0 - 6kph Scarifying & Brush Rotors
Mid-Mounted Roller Optional Optional Optional Optional
Digging Rotor Available Available Available Available
No. of Blades 40 52 64 80
Terraplane® Rotor Available Available Available Available
No. of Blades 36 45 60 75
Universe® Rotor Available Available Available Available
No. of Blades 120 150 200 250
Scarifying Rotor Available Available Available Available
3mm Tipped Blades Optional Optional Optional Optional
2mm Tipped Blades Optional Optional Not recommended Not recommended
No. of Blades 70 88 112 148
Blade spacing 34mm 34mm 34mm 34mm
Blue Spiral Brush Optional Optional Optional Optional
Yellow Flap Brush Optional Optional Optional N/A

Terraplane® Rotor

The Terraplane Rotor® now leads the way in accuracy of cut, blade durability and surface hygiene. Coupled with the Field Topmaker’s infinitely fine, depth adjustment (accurate to 0.1mm ). The Terraplane® Rotor will shave off the precise amount of organic material required, leaving a clean, smooth and even surface. The durability of the tungsten-faced blades prolongs the accuracy of cut, and reduces the down-time associated with changing blades. The un-rivalled surface hygiene of the Terraplane® Rotor eliminates any clean-up pass and saves time, labour and fuel costs.

Universe® Rotor

A modern approach to managing excessive thatch build-up in warm season grasses is “Universe Fraize Mowing”.

Most warm-season grasses are prone to the rapid accumulation of thatch in the sward. Conventional verticutting and scarifying only removes around 7 – 10% of the surface matter, and unless done on a regular basis cannot keep up with the accumulation of thatch. A radical approach is to remove all the organic build-up in one pass. The unique feature of the “Universe® Rotor” is that it can be set accurately to leave rhizomes and stolens in place, thus eliminating the need to re-sprigging.

Once exposed to sunlight by removal of the canopy, re-generation is rapid, often with full recovery in 3 – 4 weeks. Removing the thatch and organic debris minimizes water retention at the surface, ensuring that any available water passes directly to the rootzone. In transitional zones, “Universe® Fraize Mowing” is used to speed up the transition from winter grasses to warm season grasses. The Universe® Rotor will take out the cool season grass and any organic build – up, leaving rhizomes and stolens in place. By removing the compaction for water and nutrient, and exposing them to light, the transition period is dramatically reduced.

The original concept of the Universe® Rotor was for removing the organic build-up from the surface of the semi-synthetic, natural turf pitches that are now common in professional stadiums around the world. The Universe® Rotor achieves excellent surface hygiene without damaging the exposed synthetic fibres, often in one pass!

Annual renovation of sportsfields and stadium pitches

Fraize mowing with the new Terraplane® Rotor now forms the platform of the renovation practice for the majority of Premiership and Football League Clubs, as well as other established sporting venues like The All England Lawn Tennis Association’s Wimbledon tennis courts. “Koro-ing” removes all unwanted organic matter, and reduces Poa-Annua to a minimal level, leaving the surface flat, level and even. Follow-up renovation includes decompaction and top-dressing, before over-seeding, sprigging or sodding.

Special Application

Koro by Imants Field Topmakers fitted with Digging Rotors have been used to good effect in Japan, following the nuclear reactor tragedy at Fukoshima in 2011. The surfaces of hundreds of sports fields, parks and other grassland areas have been removed and decontaminated material buried. The accuracy of the Koro machines has meant that a critical depth setting can be maintained resulting in fast regeneration without the need for resprigging or sodding.

Conventional Scarifying / Verticutting

Koro by Imants Field Topmakers can be used for conventional scarifying or verticutting, conveying the excess thatch into an adjacent trailer or truck. The extra collection capacity is far more efficient than an integrated hopper and greatly increases productivity, especially if two or more trailers can be utilized. The Scarifying Rotor can be fitted with either 3mm tungstentipped blades for fairways & sports fields, or 1.5mm blades on the FTM1200 & FTM1500 models for finer turf. Integrated, adjustable brush strips are fitted to improve collection and surface hygiene. A mid-mounted, anti-scalping roller is available for undulating ground.

New design feature

The conveyor and elevator belts on the latest FTM2000 and FTM2500 models are now 40% wider, thus increasing capacity and therefore improving productivity dramatically.

Turf Matters talk to Richard Campey at Saltex 2017

Turf Matters catch up with Campey Turf Care and Premier Pitches at SALTEX 2017. Richard Campey and Carl Pass discus how the KORO FTM takes turf care to the next level.

SALTEX is the UK’s national event for grounds care, sports surfaces, amenities, estates and green space management. From turf care and specialist machinery to landscaping and playgrounds.

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The Koro Story

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FTM cricket renovations

The introduction of the new rotors came about from research we carried out and learning from sports turf groundsmen that they wished to enhance the quality of their sports turf and playing surfaces.


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